At the Forefront of Innovation

Our technical department consists of highly skilled staff, most of who sailed on our vessels before joining the office. Master mariners, chief engineers, electricians, naval architects as well as other specialists make up a team ready to respond at any time.

Our ships are maintained at the highest standards, a statement of approval which we regularly hear from our customers.

The ultimate approval of maintenance standards is illustrated when charterers entrust a ship management company with the management of their own ships. Intership today manages the ships of several of its industrial partners.

With one of the most advanced planned maintenance software program, both in the office and on board, all Intership vessels have the class notation ‘PMS’.

Intership’s policy, to have several vessels of one type, greatly assists maintenance and promotes seamless operation. The unscheduled off-hire days of the Intership fleet are well below the industry average.

ISN has established an efficient computerized purchasing and delivery procedure to facilitate the planning of orders and the punctual delivery of spare parts, equipment, stores and consumables.

These tasks are supported by the AMOS program, which in this way, combines preventive maintenance with spares and stores administration.

Click to view the terms and conditions which are intended to regulate the relations between suppliers - vessels - managers.

All of Intership’s own vessels were contracted as new buildings by the company, thus giving us the unique opportunity not only to respond to a customer requests, but also to include the latest technology to ensure that the ships are at the forefront of innovation.

In our capacity as shipowners ourselves, we are very well aware of the individuality of each vessel and the diversity of its needs. We are able to apply our knowledge to design unique solutions to attend our clients’ specific requests/needs in order to ensure the successful operation of their vessels.

Intership provides specialist technical consultancy services from our office in Limassol comprising of:

  • Naval Architecture Marine Engineering
  • Specialist Marine Project Management
  • Newbuilding / Conversion Consultancy (Plan approval - site supervision)
  • Asset Protection Inspections
  • Ship Structure Assessments
  • Life Extension Programmes
  • Vessel Inspection Surveys
  • Class Record Inspection
  • Pre-Purchase Surveys