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Intership and the Caribbean Maritime Institute

08 Dec 2015 - by Intership Navigation

In 2014 Intership started a working relationship with the Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI) after being impressed by the standard and the equipment on the campus.   We started taking on cadets from the CMI, and today have nearly 20 seafarers on our ships which are trading in the Caribbean – and many of which regularly call at Jamaican ports. 

On 11th November 2015, Dr. Niels Hartmann (CEO of the Hartmann Group), Mr. Dieter Rohdenburg (CEO of Intership Navigation), Mr. Uwe Kowalewski (Head of Technical Intership Navigation) attended the CMI’s annual graduation ceremony in Kingston.  The Graduation ceremony was a well-planned, major event with the graduates numbering more than 100, out of which there were 26 marine cadets (the rest having graduated in ‘office’ professions such as logistics, but also customs officers etc.

After the graduation ceremony, Intership presented the school with a donation for the purchase of an industrial 3D-printer, as well as a ship model and a painting which will be placed in the engine simulator room which has now been named after the Hartmann Group! After the hand-over, Intership was officially inducted into the ‘CMI Hall of Fame’, and gave a televised press conference in support of the CMI.

The CMI facilities in Jamaica boast bridge simulators, engine simulators – and even crane simulators! No doubt, the graduates of the CMI are of high standard, and we look forward to employing more Jamaicans on our ships trading in the Caribbean.

Remarkably, during the 3-day visit, an impressive 10 Hartmann ships called at Jamaica.